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2008 LSI Game DVDs For Sale Online

Game DVDs are filmed as a multi-camera production, with player close-ups and scoreboard updates. The DVD is divided into the following titles:
  - Player introductions
  - First half action
  - Second half action
DVD price $15. Includes shipping/handling. Proceeds help support the LSI and participating schools.

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LSI Game 1 Tigard vs Westview 26/Dec/08
LSI Game 2 Jesuit vs Canby 26/Dec/08
LSI Game 3 Sheldon vs Grant 26/Dec/08
LSI Game 4 Beaverton vs Mt.Vernon 26/Dec/08
LSI Game 5 Lake Oswego vs Sunset 26/Dec/08
LSI Game 6 Fairfax vs Central Catholic 26/Dec/08
LSI Game 7 South Medford vs Jefferson 26/Dec/08
LSI Game 8 Dominguez vs Columbia River 26/Dec/08
LSI Game 9 Central Catholic vs Sheldon 27/Dec/08
LSI Game 10 Lake Oswego vs Tigard 27/Dec/08
LSI Game 11 Canby vs Columbia River 27/Dec/08
LSI Game 12 South Medford vs Beaverton 27/Dec/08
LSI Game 13 Fairfax vs Grant 27/Dec/08
LSI Game 14 Sunset vs Westview 27/Dec/08
LSI Game 15 Jesuit vs Dominguez 27/Dec/08
LSI Game 16 Jefferson vs Mt. Vernon 27/Dec/08
3-Point Shootout/
Slam Dunk Contest
Select Team Players 28/Dec/08
LSI Game 17 Sheldon vs Tigard 29/Dec/08
LSI Game 18 Canby vs Beaverton 29/Dec/08
LSI Game 19 Central Catholic vs Lake Oswego 29/Dec/08
LSI Game 20 Columbia River vs South Medford 29/Dec/08
LSI Game 21 Grant vs Sunset 29/Dec/08
LSI Game 22 Jesuit vs Jefferson 29/Dec/08
LSI Game 23 Fairfax vs Westview 29/Dec/08
LSI Game 24 Dominguez vs Mt. Vernon 29/Dec/08
LSI Game 25 Tigard vs Beaverton 30/Dec/08
LSI Game 26 Sheldon vs Canby 30/Dec/08
LSI Game 27 Central Catholic vs Columbia River 30/Dec/08
LSI Game 28 TBD 30/Dec/08
LSI Game 29 Lake Oswego vs South Medford 30/Dec/08
LSI Game 30 TBD 30/Dec/08
LSI Game 31 TBD 30/Dec/08
LSI Game 32 TBD 30/Dec/08
Friday, December 26
  Session 1: Games 1-4 (9:00 am)
  Session 2: Games 5-8 (4:00 pm)

Saturday, December 27
  Session 3: Games 9-12 (9:00 am)
  Session 4: Games 13-16 (4:00 pm)

Sunday, December 28
  Slam Dunk Contest & 3-Point Shootout
  (4:00 pm) (pay at the door)

Monday, December 29
  Session 5: Games 17-20 (9:00 am)
  Session 6: Games 21-24 (4:00 pm)

Tuesday, December 30
  Session 7: Games 25-28 (9:00 am)
  Session 8: Games 29-32 (4:00 pm)

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